Welcome to the Booking Section

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some advice.  We can also help you in your choice of companion, because we know all the girls personally.  If you specify your wishes, we can work together to select the ideal companion for you, to relieve you of your stress and to bring some excitement and fun into your life.  We provide a personal service for each client! Please feel free to express all your wishes and fantasies! 

First contact should be by e-mail.
You can call with short inquiries only (otherwise We prefer first contact by e-mail).
Please avoid calls at night as we are not a 24 hour agency.
Book your preferred companion:
  1. Email us at: lara@try-it-companion.com
  2. Send an SMS to +43 660 112 4765 or call for last minute requests
  3. Make a reservation by completing the booking form below 

You can be assured that all information you provide will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Thank you for your trust in advance. We look forward to answering your booking questions immediately and discreetly.
We wish you a pleasant meeting!

Yours Lara, TRY.it Elite Accompaniment Portal

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